Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free is a Verb logo, initial sketches

My wife and I were planning to go overseas for a year to do charitable work fighting human trafficking, and I think it was my Aunt Sarah, a graphic designer who astutely pointed out that we needed a brand to get people excited about our work, motivated to donate, and also to help us establish our work as part of something bigger. So we bounced some word associations around, looked at some fonts, and I got started sketching.

Since one of our main goals was not just to fight human trafficking ourselves, but to prompt others to do the same, I gravitated toward the phrase "free is a verb." And since human trafficking often involves physical transportation and literal tying up or handcuffs, the imagery focused on those areas as well. My initial sketches are below; in the following post we'll look at the finished version.


  1. Good day, you have such a marvelous blog, couldn't help commenting on it! And I have a question for you. Is that a premium theme that you purchase or you turned to a regular one?

  2. Marvelous indeed! I agree. Just a small suggestion to keep consistency in regards to title case vs sentence case in the post headers.