Monday, April 27, 2009

Elemental Food, business name and logo sketches

After much deliberation and prodding from those who have enjoyed his superlative cooking, my friend Josh is moving ahead with starting a catering/private chef business.  After discussing various names relating to his Oakland location, his cooking style, his approach to food, and his own name, we finally settled on Elemental Food, which reflects his belief in the importance of quality dining to the good life, as well as his usage of real, classic ingredients.

As you can see below, he is a very thoughtful client and was willing to pay for me to spend several hours brainstorming logos. This was crucial to the success of the project, because at first we started by talking about the periodic table, chemistry, stove heating elements, and the letters EF as jumping-off points. But by taking some more time, I was able to explore just about every angle we could think of: cast-iron skillets, flatware plus letters, chef's knives, anvils, produce, and multiple variations on each of these. Since this business is so close to his heart--you should hear him rhapsodize about charcuterie--it was satisfying to be able to do the process justice and only move forward once we'd done our due diligence. 

The general lesson I draw from this--and something I'd want every client to understand--is that their satisfaction and peace of mind about the final solution will always be greater if they have the patience and resources to spend more time in this initial concept stage. But anyway, you can see the starred/circled ideas, which were the ones I started comping on the computer (next post). 

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