Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Green Grocer: logo (part 3)

So which one did they pick? None of them--I was a casualty of my sister not really knowing how to describe what she wanted. They ended up going with a design my aunt did, which is very nice, but would not be described as "clean" or "modern" by most people--I'd say "vintage Americana" or "arts & crafts" or "town & country," perhaps.

In the end it was a very frustrating process, but I learned a few valuable lessons from it: first, it's always worth spending the time up front to figure out with the client exactly what they want before you start spending the time comping things up on the computer. Second, if the client doesn't value your professional opinion, you both may be better served parting ways. And finally, be careful when mixing family and business!

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