Monday, April 27, 2009

Margie Leighton wedding invitations

This project was lots of fun to work on because the clients, sisters of the bride, are both visually talented and have fine arts backgrounds, but still appreciate my graphic design experience, which made for enjoyable and productive collaboration. They had the rough idea of a black-and-white gatefold photo booth, but didn't have the page layout expertise to arrange all the tedious detail information that must of necessity accompany an invitation. 

So to produce the final product pictured below, I helped them edit the text throughout (especially to fit all the direction info), used bold and italic type where appropriate to help create proper hierarchy in the text, scanned the handwritten names on the right panel, took the photos of the two letters (M and J) representing the bride and groom, and formatted the insert cards with the black and white rectangles to create unity throughout the piece. 

A great project, and, space permitting, it will be the first bilingual English/American Sign Language wedding I'll get to attend. 

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